Scala on NetBeans 6.9

My favorite IDE is NetBeans, and I’m using the Scala plugin for NetBeans. It isn’t yet perfect – for example, sometimes it reports bogus errors in my Scala code, or it misses real errors in my source code, and the support for Scala isn’t yet as complete as it is for Java, but it’s usable. From other people using other IDEs (most of them use Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains) I hear that the Scala plugins for their IDEs also still have bugs and missing functionality.

Last week, NetBeans 6.9 was released, but there is no release of the Scala plugin for NetBeans 6.9 yet (at least not in the form of a ZIP file containing the necessary NetBeans modules that you can install in the IDE). At the moment you have to install the Scala plugins via the NetBeans nightly builds server. You can do that with the following steps:

  • Select Tools -> Plugins -> Settings
  • Click the “Add” button to add a new update center
  • Enter a name for the update center (for example “NetBeans Nightly Builds”)
  • Use this URL:
  • Goto the tab “Available Plugins”
  • Click the “Reload Catalog” button
  • Search for “Scala”
  • Select the two plugins: “Scala Kit” and “Scala Runtime Library”
  • Click the “Install” button and follow the instructions, at the end it will prompt you to restart the IDE

After restarting:

  • Select Tools -> Plugins -> Settings
  • Uncheck the checkbox for NetBeans Nightly Builds

If you leave the nightly builds update center active, you’ll frequently get messages from NetBeans to update lots of modules. You probably don’t want these updates, unless you want to use the latest development build of NetBeans, which I don’t recommend if you use NetBeans for your work – you never know if something will break which will cost you time to roll back. (Ofcourse, if you want to help with the development of NetBeans and you also want to get updates for the Scala plugin automatically, leave it active).

Update 19 July 2010 – There’s now a release package of the plugin for NetBeans 6.9 and Scala 2.8.0 final: you can get it on SourceForge. The installation instructions are the same as for NetBeans 6.8.

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